The Little One in the form of an Owl...(but don't tell her I said that!)

March 21, 2012

Show Em How It's Done

(Update) The last post took a lot out of me to write.  It literally felt like a piece of me was pulled out of my guts and lain bare in the form of words.   I think that's not such a bad thing at all, but perhaps I am needing to save my guts at the moment, so the follow up post-My Daughter's Mother will have to stay on hold for now.  It's written, but it's still attached to me, can't afford the blood loss at the moment.

        In other news, I got a quite large role in the play (so all my posts will thus take on a necessarily Victorian accent-quite Victorian in fact....m'i'bad).  

       The Little One has learned to skip rope, and she's quickly become an expert performer, even when no one is around.  I think its great she has pushed herself with such discipline. Watch out Beyonce; I'm gonna make some $cashmoney$ off of that One....

        I don't think I've had such an excrutiatingly humiliating day as the one I had today, in a long, long while.  But then on the way home, sitting in lunchtime office traffic, under a blazing sun and a shockingly blue ocean to my right, I watched a grown man (not exactly mad looking, but not in top form I suppose) lean down over a pile of sand/dirt (like from a construction site) scoop up a handful, and pour it into his mouth.  Everybody's got issues, yeah? But why is it so fascinating when you are watching someone else face theirs? 

        People are such SHITS sometimes!

        My under-used toilet brush would concur, and frankly this link goes to a blog who says it all way better than I could at the moment. She seems to have found a way, to spill blood and guts, not just in words, but in pretty, safe, rainbow colored pictures.  Amazing.

          As would a certain Californian marketing-gone-wrong-poster child who has recently found a crack in his glass world.  All I will say about that: having a conscious does not mean you always do the right thing, it just means when you do the wrong thing it can hurt your head...really, really bad. And that video was pretty wrong, but not for the reasons some would think; not for the "ill intentions" of a young man who is really just trying to live a life with meaning the best way he knows how.

         Aren't we all in exactly the same boat? Reaching out for help and being laughed at; creatively displaying our journeys through the ups, and downs, and unicorns; selling dirt; eating dirt; skipping; and fucking play a part like the whole world is watching.  Because they fucking are. And sometimes they're gaping, and pointing, and acting like total shits. 

          So fuck it, give em a show, or at least a pretty picture and a few simple words.

           "And try to keep it clean," adds my neglected toilet; "unless  it gets a little messy," I respond (with uppity accent).....


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