The Little One in the form of an Owl...(but don't tell her I said that!)

March 9, 2012

Annd werrrre OFF!!

        Me: Lalalala, Light, light, light. It's all coming together NOOWWW!!

        Divine Me: Wait, weren't you bawling your eyes out, ready to give up the struggle for Inner Peace and Faith not some....19 hours ago?

        Me: What? Oh, possibly, that's a long time ago to try and remember.

        Divine Me: And then, 14 hours ago or thereabouts, weren't you filled with release and Inner Peace and Faith; feeling all sorts of SURE and ready for the future; making the decision to TRUST the universe and jump into the Magic; Loving the moon and your family.  I seem to remember you couldn't keep your hands off of them, they were so sweet, and you thought everyone who watched the three of you walk, ignored the setting sun, so overwhelmed were they by the golden light that beamed from your loving hands interlinked with the small and worn ones of your daughter and mother....?

         Me: Hmmmm? Yes, ohhh, that was sweet....

         Divine Me: Yes, but not so sweet was the furious rage and holler tantrum you threw, what was it, 12-no-10 hours ago over the necessary preservation of chocolate chip cookies...

         Me: Yes, well, that did get kinda ugly...

         Divine Me: You threw cake!

         Me: Not AT anyone....

         Divine Me: And now you've written a pop song for kids (which you then choreographed while evacuating your bowels in a healthy and timely fashion), written half of the second book in your series, responded to several emails with wonderful little anecdotes and, oh yeah, written this post....and it's not even 9am....

         Me: I know RIGHT! Oh, and the SUN is SHINING, and it's lightlightlight.  I am Free; I am Light; I am ever so HAPPYYYY!!!!  

         Divine Me: I think we need to look into this...

         Me: Hmmmm, nice chat Love, but I gotsta go; I gotsa keep moving; I gotsta be PRO-DUC-TIVE!

         Divine Me: Don't forget your umbrella.



  1. A brahmin once asked The Blessed One:

    "Are you a God?"
    "No, brahmin" said The Blessed One.
    "Are you a saint?"
    "No, brahmin" said The Blessed One.
    "Are you a magician?"
    "No, brahmin" said The Blessed One.
    "What are you then?"
    "I am awake."

    1. Frustratingly pretty.

      The Little One has developed this habit of shouting "when you wake up, WAKE UP!" over and over at completely arbitrary and unexpected moments. Supposedly it is a quote from the Sound of Music, but I've seen that movie a gazillion times and I don't remember that. The point is, I am spiritually paranoid by this; I think she is somehow invoking the voice of Truth to remind me how not awake I am. This is frustrating, and not at all pretty; it freakin haunts me! "When you wake up, WAKE UP!" ;P