The Little One in the form of an Owl...(but don't tell her I said that!)

February 6, 2012

Swallowing a Chicken and Choking on a few Bones: The highs and Lows of this Weekend (1)

         Dr. Gloria is the outpatient physician who I saw when I was diagnosed with Malaria a few weeks back.  There is nothing special about her, really, except she does her job, professionally, thoroughly, and kindly; this makes her EXQUISITELY distinct from any Ugandan doctor, working in Uganda, ever. Yes, yes, this is the part where I say, "well not ever..."- Hmph. We Lovvvve Dr. Gloria. So despite the unusually long wait in a fairly empty clinic, our threesome trip to the doctor's was pretty okay.   I was checked for Malaria...again, still going through fluctuating levels of weakness and total blah-ness: "Oh! But why are you back again? Are you not getting along with Dar?", "Oh no, no Dr. Gloria, I love Dar I just..." (did you hear that Ug doctors, she remembered who I was and showed concern for my well-being despite knowing I was NOT in the exclusive categories of having TB/having HIV/ being an infant with Malaria/ or any of these in tragic combination-just because I am not dying doesn't mean I don't count. Hmph!!) Dr. Gloria ordered some more in depth blood work and urine sample for a certain kind of bacteria as well as Malaria. 

           In the meanwhile, Ms. V also had to have blood work as well to begin a chart as she has been suffering from acute stomach pains since long before I knew her (so like longer than 6 months) let's just say since she was young.  I held her in my lap while the lab technician (in the 1 month I've lived here and 3 times I've seen him, he has demanded me to learn Swahili as soon as possible at least 30 times, so I told him to make sure I stop getting sick and I will learn, he agreed) prepared her big needle.  The Little One has no shortage of stories at her Hulk like transformation if faced with an injection; apparently, she bites; she wounds; she maims, and swears there is a whole slew of broken nurses out there who can attest to this fact.  Having just felt the pinch of the large needle he was preparing for her, I was a bit.....nervous.  I held her in my lap, one arm firmly wrapped around her free arm and both legs, while I whispered soothing comments into her ear.  She discussed, with squeakily thin voice, the approaching needle and I swear my heart beat right through her otherwise still, calm, chest. We survived.  

          She was given de-worming medicine and revealed yet another quirk in her personality-the girl LOVES medicine.....almost as much as Chicken! Which, well......It was so bad she almost cried at the idea that her medicine came in a single dose and mine was much more-weirdo! (actually, no, I think I can guess the history of this going back to her mama, but let's keep this light.....enough) It turns out I didn't have Malaria, or the weird bacteria thing.  BUT (ahem Ug "doctors" this part is called doctoring) While I sat in on the Little One's consultation, Dr. G listened while I threw out other suggestions for what was bringing me down, and ordered a hemoglobin test, and Yaayyy, guess who knows her body? Turns out the Malaria had brought me down a few notches and I was anemic, enough to explain the tornadoes of emotions and behavior a few weeks/days/hours ago, thank you very much-well...... mine, not my mother's, and certainly not hers of today; she is just a crazynarcissistic, neglectful, careless-urghhhh-keeping it light, keeping it light......

          Dr. G did nothing more but give me some vitamins to keep me going till I replenish the ones I used to take in Ug. (If she's very good I'll give the Little One one tomorrow as a treat in lieu of the chocolate I will eat, hehehe, I'm getting good at this).  Well, actually she did a whole lot more as far as reviving-well- establishing my trust in some-well-one practitioner of western medicine.  Even lil Ms. V has a sad tale of being ignored by some stupid dr. over her stomach issues, and she agrees, Dr. G is super. We <3 Dr. G.....

           Speaking of hearts, in case anyone reads this blog they may notice the large, red Owl distracting them from all of my elquoent thoughts, musings, and stories while it hangs from a tree and-what-farts? I found this lovely "gadget" at blogamation and yes, it may very well look like I am a novice blogger who threw some random, ill-placed, ill-sized, gadget on her blog, just because she figured what a gadet was and how to attach it.....well, okay, that is exactly what happened. But lemme tell you this, after getting over the initial distraction, I have fallen in LOVE with My Little Owl, because of course, it's her-the Little One.  With her big wide eyes that see everything and her enormous heart made up of layers of experience and wisdom and innocence and curiosity, My Little Owl sits atop her tree, watching me write her words down. I check with her now and then as I edit what I've written, knowing that maybe just now she would disapprove of the exposure, but hoping that by the time she finally chooses to learn to read and understand what and why I've written, she will trust me enough to approve.  So thank you Blogamation for my Farting Little Owl!

          But hey! I do have one reader, huh? My gratitude to my first follower Ms. Z. After my almost bout of diarrhea (ha!) at seeing I had a follower I was much relieved (haha!) to see it was a familiar.....friend, though new.  Ms. Z, in my head, is played by Helen Mirren, not just because of her profile pic, but because her writing depicts the same flawless Grace that is embodied by the actress.  When I first found her blog I wrote her a long email about how, though it seemed we had absolutely nothing in common circumstantially, her writing hooked me, like when I sit by the Indian Ocean in one spot and literally watch the tide go out and come back in again: so flawless and so graceful. She's cool, but I never sent that message because I'm Ugandan, and Ugandans are good-damn good-at stalking.  I wasn't sure if there was some Blog-Stalk law or something, and trying to play it cool I kept my cheesy analogies to myself, till now.

          Ohhh, I know why I keep making potty comments, the water in my bathroom is out, so the toilet is on my mind-on my lazy ass I gotta go alllllll the way to the next room to poop-mind. 

          I've written and re-written today's post 3 times, when it is usually a free flow.  That's because yesterday was actually a Pretty. Shitty (ahahahaha-that one wasn't even on purpose). Sunday and I've been trying to document why in so many different ways, but each felt wrong and heavy and pointless.  Until I remembered the chicken and doing yoga with Vannesa...


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